We've got a new look! Steamr Version 8.3
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A Freelance Web Developer

Hi! I'm Leo Leung, a freelance designer in Calgary, Alberta. Steamr is my online portfolio and your customer portal. I specialize in font-end XHTML/CSS compliant web designs, and web development primarily on PHP and MySQL. You may learn more about my work in my Portfolio, or About Me.

I am available for work, if you have a project you think I could help you with, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Steamr is right for you if...

  1. You want a Clear, Simple, and Usable Website
  2. You need a XHTML/CSS Compliant Website
  3. You need a design made from start to finish
  4. You want a dynamically driven website
  5. You need someone to fix or maintain your website
  6. You want your website made with your ideas and input

Our Newest Projects

Steamr Version 8.3

After a year with version 7.1, we have now released version 8.3. Now with more added awesomeness.

Lyrics Live! Instant Lyrics

Search through over half a million lyrics by various artists instantly without the extra clutter!

Work for Lyrics Live was mainly on the backend involving primarily PHP and MySQL. Other programs were created to spell check, organize and fetch additional information for each lyric.