Our Service Guarantee

All our custom designs and templates all meet the following requirements:

  • 100% XHTML Valid Markup

    Your HTML code are all written by hand to ensure clean, valid and optimal code.

  • Seperation of Styles and Markup

    By the use of Cascading Style Sheets, there will be no inline styles in your HTML code, giving clean, fast loading web pages

  • Optimal Performance

    We take extra care to ensure your images and web pages are as optimal as possible, resulting in faster web pages with a smaller foot print.

  • 100% Unique Designs

    Our designs and templates are all home grown; we will never resell templates or outsource our work.

  • Fully Compatible with the Latest Browsers

    Your design will be tested on the latest versions of:

    • Opera 9
    • Firefox 3
    • Internet Explorer 7, 8
    • Safari 3, 4

    We guarantee our designs to be fully compatible on these browsers.

    Although we will strive to have our designs as fully backwards compatible as possible, it sometimes may not be possible due to time and budget constraints. For example, Internet Explorer 6 is extremely problematic and requires time to have most issues resolved through hacks or work arounds.

  • Non-Flattened PSD, Fonts and Images are all included!

    Your design is yours! We give all our clients the ability to modify their website, giving you the power to add new content and images with ease.

Confused? Need Help?

Fire us an email or contact us through our contact form. We're more than happy to clear anything up!